Top 3 Quick and Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas

After the lengthy guide on ketogenic dieting,  I got hit with the ever so expected “What do I eat?” emails and messages on social media. I am not a breakfast person because I practice intermittent fasting, but back in the day, I did eat breakfast. The rules for a keto breakfast is that it must be low (very low) in carbohydrates. No other rules should limit your breakfast creativity. We are going to tackle this question head on.

What is a Good Keto Breakfast?

What is a good keto breakfast?

If it has low or no carbs, it is a good keto meal. That is very ambiguous. Let me narrow it down a bit. A good keto breakfast should have other requirements. Those requirements would vary person to person. For me, breakfast needs to be quick and easy. This is why most people go for a donut in the morning. It is fast. Even if you go to a 7 -11 on the way to work, you can be in and out with a coffee and donut in three minutes flat.

Everyone dislikes going to work. No one wants to wake up earlier to make a nutritious breakfast. When you throw another restriction on top of keto, you are stuck with limited options. This is where we brainstorm for some keto breakfast ideas. To make things interesting, we are going to do this together. What food would constitute a good choice as the base for a quick, filling keto meal?

  1. Eggs
  2. Seafood
  3. Liquid

The three ideas which hit all the check boxes off the top of my head are eggs, seafood, and liquid. Why? Some options sound popular for a keto diet breakfast, but the problem is those options are not quick, or easy. All the ketogenic breakfast recipes you find on Pinterest or Social Media are a trendy way to make pancakes or waffles with banana. It is almost uncanny how everyone suddenly thought of the same recipe at the same time.

Not Original – And Not Quick Keto Breakfast: Protein Powder Pancakes

I love me some banana low carb pancakes. Even more than the next guy. I love sweets and carbohydrates, so allowing me to eat any form of cake in the morning is all right by me. My main issue is that they take a long time. A really long time. Twenty minutes may not sound like a long time, but it is when you want quick. You either mush banana by hand or pull out a mixer/blender and get to work. You add baking powder and then pull out a skillet. Before you know it you have a huge mess to clean up.

The biggest problem is not that it takes time, either. I am a fan of meal prepping. But these trendy pancakes do not reheat well. I will venture to say they taste awful when reheated. That is a quick road to giving up on a diet when you hate what you are eating. This means for fresh trendy keto breakfast you must allow thirty minutes to cook and clean up. Plus five minutes to shove the food down your gullet. That does not sound enjoyable.

This is why I rule all the popular pins out and ignore most ‘keto posts’ on social media. They are not made for real people who have, I don’t know, a job or kids? It is just not possible to pull off anything that requires heavy clean-up or the oven for breakfast. Sorry, quiche, that rules you out too. And you taste bad reheated.

The Top Three Quick and Easy Keto Breakfast Ideas

Remember the three food ideas I brainstormed? Well, they are all quick and easy. I am going to share my five favorite quick and easy keto breakfast ideas, plus some keto breakfast on the go ideas. For most of us, breakfast is about quick and easy. Nothing is easier than keto breakfast on the go.

Easy Scrambled Eggs

This is my personal favorite. A couple minutes on the stove and you are off to the races. But I have a few tweaks to make these taste even better. I start with three large eggs which I crack and whisk together. Then, I add a dash of salt and pepper and whisk again. Finally, I add four tablespoons of fair life whole milk. Fairlife milk is sold as a lactose-free, ultra filtered milk. It has far more protein than regular milk and fewer carbohydrates. It adds a creamy-ness to the eggs and makes them far fluffier. Plus it adds to the flavor.

Put the mixture into a skillet which is lightly coated with butter and whisk with a fork. When done, put it on a plate and eat. Under five minutes and you are good to go. Some people like to add tobasco to eggs for flavor, or pepper flakes. If I am feeling adventurous I add two table spoons of generic salsa. I personally use Kroger brand (Sorry everyone not in the midwest). Not too many carbs, and adds flavor and variety. You can also add butter, cheese or meat to your eggs.

You can also add butter, cheese or meat to your eggs. The problem is these all take time to make. That defeats the purpose of quick, and easy.

Quick Seafood Omelet

Nothing says ketogenic breakfast recipe like adding almost no carbohydrate seafood to some eggs. If you are like me and cannot flip an omelet to save your life, you end up with messy seafood scrambled eggs. This is the most filling out of any keto diet breakfast I have ever had. The night before, you thaw shrimp. Size and shape do not matter. I aim for three ounces or more. I also open or thaw imitation crab meat, three ounces as well. Once thawed, drain separately. Shrimp should be deveined and peeled.

Now it is time to start cooking. You start with three large eggs, whisk with salt and pepper with just a tablespoon or two of milk like we did with the scrambled eggs. Less milk because this should not be as fluffy so it maintains its shape to fold.

Once the eggs are ready, bring the skillet to temperature and add olive oil or butter to lightly coat the pan. I add the shrimp if raw first, if not imitation crab. Bring to heat and add the other seafood ingredient. I then add garlic powder, diced chives, a bit of mozzarella cheese (A couple ounces for texture and binding) and some parsley when finished. Scoop the ingredients into a dish and pour the eggs in the pan. Bring to color, and then add the filling to one-half of the pan. Then, flip it over and bam! Your omelet is done.

This is hearty, low on ingredients, and filling. I tend to add spinach to this to make it even more filling. You can play with this a bit. The base is egg, seafood, and seasoning. Nothing else is required. Total cook time is under ten minutes.

Liquid Breakfast Ideas

Number three is our keto breakfast on the go idea. The problem with keto is it does not travel well. Bread helps us make sandwiches, which can turn anything into a portable meal. You can try Bullet Proof Coffee if you want, but I prefer to not add butter to my coffee. My liquid breakfast is a simple protein shake. I pull out my blender (Magic Bullet) and I add two scoops of whey protein powder, four ounces of fair life milk, and two ounces of fat-free cottage cheese. I add a dash of stevia / fake sweetener (Not healthy, but depending on protein powder may be needed).

Then twist my mouth guard on the magic bullet and take it with you. Not fancy, I know. It does not even taste good to me, but it is the quickest thing you can make. The cottage cheese is essentially just used to add texture and casein protein, which will keep you full longer. It can make the entire blend frothy and not exactly fun to eat. But when you need a keto breakfast on the go, you can’t be too picky.

Final Thoughts on Keto Breakfast

The biggest problem with keto is when you think of traditional meals, it does not exactly fit in with our concept of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You would be better off looking at every meal as just lunch. You can have soup, a steak, or a salad. Just avoid being dogmatic. When you are being dogmatic, you are left with trendy ideas like keto pancakes which take as long as from scratch pancakes take. Which is a while, if you do not know.

But if you absolutely need to eat breakfast in the morning, I know you will enjoy the concept of my scrambled eggs and seafood omelet. The milk alone is a game changer for how fluffy and rich the eggs turn out. Plus, clean up is a breeze. One pan, a couple bowls, and your plate. Quick means no more than 15 minutes in the morning cooking. If you want quick, you have got it.

Don’t count on a lot of recipes on Approaching Fitness. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to diet food, keto food, and cooking in general. But no matter where you find the recipe, ask yourself, ‘Do I really want to spend all that time making breakfast?’ When you answer no, remember that if you can’t stick to the diet, it will fail. Maybe the trendy recipe is not a good idea for fat loss.


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