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Hello! This is my short ‘About Me’ page for Approaching Fitness. The short version you can find on my author bio at the end of EVERY article I have written.

I am not  a nameless person behind a keyboard. I am Eric. I was once an obese man, but I lost 100 pounds. Then I was a boxer. For a short period of time I coached boxing and helped other people lose weight. I slowly gained weight back, and lost over 100 pounds again.

After going the gauntlet with weight loss I realized most people failed a new diet.  From boxers to middle aged soccer moms, I noticed that most people did everything they were told and still could not lose weight. Six meals a day, counting points, an hour of exercise every day, and the scale would not budge! It did not take me long to realize the only thing I did differently than the guy on the treadmill next to me is I listened to my body and became educated about nutrition.

I am a firm believer that for most people, they do not fail a diet. The diet fails them.  I will never promote a one size fits all approach for weight loss, because the truth is you are not the same as I am. No carbs may work for me, but you may need a lot of carbs. I may need to intermittent fast to lose weight, and you may need to eat six meals a day. The fact is if a single solution existed, there would be no weight loss industry. But we live in the real world, and people try weight watchers and succeed, and others fail. I am here to help you find what works for you and succeed.

I made this website to help people lose weight and become fit. Real advice, by real people. Not a ‘guru’ giving unscientific advice. All you get here is science, hard work, and experience.

My Story

It was about ten years ago now. I was overweight (300 pounds), lost, and finishing high school. My plan was to join the Marines. I was rejected due to preexisting not weight related illnesses. My focus shifted to go to college and become a teacher. Then something happened. I started to box. At the nagging of a friend, I went to a small Detroit Gym and started boxing. Before long, I found out I had a knack for it and fell in love.

My Weight Loss Journey

I was still at about 300 pounds, mostly fat. I could not box for ten rounds without collapsing. My arms were tired after two rounds. I physically could not do what I loved. So I set out on a journey. A journey to get in shape. It was never about losing fat then, it was always about being able to keep up and do what I loved. My whole life I was active. I was never lazy. I did not play video games. I spent my time working, and at school during those days. I was just plagued with being fat.

It started with nightly four mile walks. I walked at night because I was ashamed of my condition and how hard it was. I nearly stopped eating, at the advise of a few professional boxers suggesting how I should lose weight. It worked, I dropped fat, but I still was not in the condition to be competitive.

I pushed the pace, jogging four miles a night within weeks. Then I started looking into sport nutrition online and in college. Slowly I spent most of my time at my job (40 hours a week), at school (20 hours a week) boxing every other day (16 hours a week), and nightly jogging. Some days, I would not sleep. I was fully dedicated.

After six months of learning from bodybuilding forums, fitness websites, medical books, medical studies and trying everything I could I found something that worked. A hard diet that helped me build muscle, lose fat, and preform better. I got down to 250 pounds, nine months into my journey. I was able to jog eight miles, box ten full rounds, I hit harder, I was faster, and could keep up with some very talented guys.

I Wanted to Be Better

I decided to compete. Or, I tried to. With the advice of a coach we decided I should aim to compete at a weight class slightly below 200 pounds. I would still be slightly fat, but would have my advantages and could compete. I lose the other 50 pounds and within 18 months, I was down 100 pounds and looked like a new man. Things got bad, quickly.

I ended up taking what I could to compete in any sport. Cutting and gaining weight. I had to get as small as 145 pounds for a competition. By this point, I was binge eating after strict dehydration and diets. I always settled around 200 pounds, but my body and hormones were a mess. Anything to do what I loved. I was also plagued with multiple minor injuries such as broken fingers, bones in hands, tendon damage and nerve damage. Getting hit in the head and tossed around in wrestling was not healthy.

A Freak Accident

I suddenly started having vision issues in one of my eyes. Slight blurring. I thought I needed glasses, but to compete I did not want to disclose this. At this point I was  in the boxing gym for over three years and was addicted. I was also working at a different job, putting in over 50 hours a week making great money for someone my age. I had some great friends, went out every night, and boxed in my free time.

Until it happened. I went blind.

Blunt force caused rapid onset Cataracts. I did not know this at first. One day, my vision went from my normal bad, to complete opaque, in my second eye. I could not see at all. It was like putting multiple pieces of wax paper over my eyes and trying to see. It just did not work. After seeing a few doctors, and a specialist, I was diagnosed.

The problem was, no specialist believed what happened. I had my dad drive me around to see different doctors. Most refused to see me, telling my dad the diagnosis must be wrong, they would not perform on me, and to see another eye doctor to determine the issue. I finally got in touch with an expert who got me in quickly to fix my first eye.

I was completely blind for at least a month. I stopped dieting, and ate what every junk I could stumble into. I could not cook and was home alone all day. I moved in with my dad and I ended up eating a lot of potato chips and sweets while laying on the couch listening to my ipod when I could feel around for it. Boredom was only fixed by food.

The first surgery went well. The second was a challenge. The cataract broke while extracting it, and I woke up during the surgery. Recovery took a long time, and if it were not for my great surgeon I would not be seeing today. I was restricted from lifting anything above my waist, or above five pounds, for several months.

I could no longer do anything physical. I had a horrid diet. I struggled to stay at and around 190 pounds. A lot of yo – yo dieting and bad not eating habits.

A New Page in My Story

On the Left – 270 + Pounds (Summer – 2016)

On the Right – 210 Pounds (March – 2017)

I then found a special lady. I fell in love. I stopped yo yo dieting, and ate like she did. That was the problem. A small 100 pound woman who has the world fastest metabolism. She can eat a cake and not gain an ounce. She would eat healthy for weeks and then go on a bender craving sweets or salty foods. I slowly, over three years, started to gain weight slowly. I still kept my hobby of learning about nutrition, and exercising. I gave people diet advice, and coached a couple sports in my spare time. I was fat, but I still could get around without issue.

Until one day I started wheezing again. Having asthma as a child I knew how to handle it, but also knew I had jogged and ran up to 12 miles a night to get my lungs strong enough to not wheeze.  My clothing, even larger things, were not fitting. Then I went to my sister in laws wedding. I could not fit into my old suits. In the pictures I looked huge. I went to the doctor three months later and discovered I was back to 270 pounds.

I waited until the end of November 2016 to start dieting again. By dieting, I mean losing weight in a healthy way using all of my knowledge I had attained after nearly a decade of competition, college, exercise, and dieting. I knew how to do it. I enjoyed exercise. I was just too lazy to do it. My goal was 90 pounds by November 2017.

I did well, too well. I hit 210 pounds, sixty pounds lost, by February. After a two week diet break for a cruise I regained a couple pounds and went back into it. By mid May of 2017, I hit my goal. I had some set backs. But I was able to put on some muscle and lose at least 90 pounds of fat.

After maintaining it for a month, and another two week vacation, I decided to lose ten more. Our of the shock of hearing this, friends, family, coworkers and clients asked my why try to lose more when I look great. I said I wanted to see my abs again. The truth is, I do not want to stop.

Fitness is a way of life. That is the only way to cause long term change. I have helped countless people lose hundreds of pounds. My best friend lost over 100 pounds. A client lost over 200 pounds in two years. All from diet and exercise.

Knowledge is half the battle. I was only able to do it quickly, and safely, because I had the knowledge. That is where this website came from. I keep getting the same questions, ‘How?’ All it takes is the knowledge, the decision to do it, and effort. Anyone can do it. I will help give you the knowledge, backed by science and real life experience. You just need to decide to do it.

My Fitness Credentials

My fitness experience is unique, I have run the exercise gauntlet.

1. Amateur Boxing

2. Boxing Coach

3. Some Health and Fitness Higher Education

4. Martial Arts

5. Weight Cutting

6. Multiple Weight Loss Clients

7. Multiple Fitness Clients

8. Cited in Media, such as Huffington Post.

When it comes to fitness, Ive been around the block!