Comment Disclosure

Updated January 8th, 2018.

Approaching Fitness does feature a comment section which may allow other individuals to offer advice or make conversation. We have elected to explain how third-party comments are handled on our website.

  • All Comments are Moderated.

We will not approve any comments which contain false, or mis leading information.

  • All Comments are Moderated by Eric, Owner of Approaching Fitness.

Each comment is reviewed for quality of information, and relevance to the topic discussed on the page. To prevent unsolicited and bad advise, no information is allowed on Approaching Fitness which is not first moderated.

  • All shared information must be factual.

If a comment is false, it will not be approved. If the information shared is mis leading, not true, or false, it will be denied.

  • Multiple Inaccurate Comments are Not Allowed.

If a single person (Or IP address) attempts to make multiple incorrect or misleading comments, the IP address and user will be banned from commenting on Approaching Fitness.

  • All Comments MUST Abide by Terms of Approaching Fitness.

All comments made on Approaching Fitness must abide by our medical disclosure, advertiser disclosure, privacy policy and terms and conditions. If the comment does not, it will not be approved. If the information in a comment becomes outdated or inaccurate, it will be removed.