Common Food Portion Size

The biggest problem people have when starting a diet is knowing how much they should be eating. Every food label has a serving size, but how big is that half cup of cereal you are supposed to eat? Here are the most common food estimates we come across.

Serving Size Cheat Sheet:

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Breads and Grains


Cup of cooked Pasta or Rice – Half a Baseball

4-oz Bagel (large) – Diameter of a CD

Medium piece of Cornbread – Medium bar of Soap


Fruits and Vegetables


Medium Apple, Orange, or Peach – Tennis Ball

Cup of Dried Fruit – Golf Ball

Cup of Fruit or Vegetable – Half a Baseball

Cup of Broccoli – Light Bulb

Medium Potato – Computer Mouse

Cup of Raw Leafy Greens – Baseball


Meat, Fish and Poultry (Cooked)


1 oz – Three Tbsp

2 oz – Small Chicken Drumstick

3 oz – Deck of Cards or Size of Adults Hand




1 oz Hard Cheese – Thumb or Two Dominoes

2 tbsp peanut butter – Ping-Pong ball

Cup of Nuts – Tennis Ball

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