Do I need to Count Calories to Lose Weight?

Do I need to Count Calories to Lose Weight? Here is another common question. The short answer is no. You do not need to count calories to lose weight. This is what the diet industry is hoping. For Jenny Craig to make money, you mustn’t count calories. If you did, why would you buy a meal kit from her?

Do I need to count calories to lose weight?

This is the dirty secret of every diet plan. Every diet is a fancy plan designed to make you consume less calories than you burn. Weight Watchers user points to force you to stay in your caloric range easily. Atkins has you cut out carbohydrates and fill up on more filling meats and cheeses, while also help you lose water weight (Which makes the scale move quicker). Nutrisystem is a meal plan designed to have you eat less calories than you need, without making you count. Do I need to Count Calories to Lose Weight? Find out.

Can I lose weight without counting calories?

Yes. But you must pay someone to count them for you. The fact is, although we have different activity levels and hormones, all diets are based around having you eat less calories than you use. If a diet does not work, it is because what food it is restricting just does not work for you, and you should restrict another type of calorie.

When setting out on a diet, you will be counting something. Calories would be easy for some people. But the negative is accuracy. It is nearly impossible to judge food without weighting it and looking up what you are eating. Before cell phones, this was impossible. Now with smart phones and apps, we can get a rough idea. It is still not accurate enough for most people.

This is where a diet plan which does the counting for you. Then you will just be counting the dollars leave your bank account. If you are getting lost with the numbers, a diet plan like Weight Watchers may work better for you.

Weight Watchers is designed to give every food a simple number value. You are allowed points in a day. Once you hit your quota, you stop eating. It is straight forward and to the point. Plus, with the app they now have, you can find a point value for almost anything.

What if I do not want to count?

If you are opposed to counting calories, or counting anything, then you need to figure out what will work best for you individually. Popular diet options would be something like Atkins, which restricts carbohydrates. This in turn will have you consume less calories than your body burns, and you will lose weight. This is unless you eat butter by the stick.

Other options would be something like Paleo, focusing on not consuming food which is processed. The problem for this type of diet in weight loss is it is up the dieter to pick and choose everything they eat, and the choices may be even more calorie dense than what they were eating before.

This type of diet, or a life style diet, is what you need to work on for the long-term weight loss strategy. Once you lose weight, you either need to keep it off or plan on losing it again. Unless you want to count calories your entire life, you need to find a diet strategy which you can stick with. The question should not be, Do I need to Count Calories to Lose Weight, and should be, “If I count calories, can I keep the weight off?”

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