Does vitamin D help with weight loss?

As covered in the Article on Vitamins and Weight Loss, every single vitamin has a direct link to weight loss or gain. When you are deficient in any vitamin, you are more likely to gain weight. But Vitamin D has some direct association with weight loss which may make it beneficial to add Vitamin D to your weight loss efforts. But, Does vitamin D help with weight loss?

The Connection of Vitamin D and Obesity

does vitamin d help with weight loss?


Vitamin D and Obesity has long been studied. Starting with research like this, people deficient in Vitamin D are more likely to become Obese. This is expounded upon with research showing that there may not be a direct correlation. If you are deficient in Vitamin D you may not become Obese. This is the starting point of Vitamin D and Obesity research.

But like all science, we have conflicting research. When the first reference study was published, another came out, here. This study shows the same results, but a caveat. That the connection between Vitamin D and fighting Obesity needs further study and research.

We come full circle when it comes to Obesity and Vitamin D. The final reference I will cite is here. This study, coming out two years later, states that we now have a more concrete relation. If you are deficient in Vitamin D you are more likely to be Obese. When Obese, you have a suppressed amount of Vitamin D. Lastly, with proper supplementation in diet from Vitamin D, you can help reverse Obesity.

Science has Spoken

What does all of this mean to you? When you gain weight, you have a lower amount of Vitamin D. If you properly supplement Vitamin D you can reverse Obesity. To the regular dieter, this means you should get out in the sun more and maybe even take some Vitamin D.

The effects of Vitamin D are greatly improved when combined with Calcium as well. They work almost synergistically to help promote a decrease in fat mass and lower the risk of Obesity. Unlike most supplements on the market, Vitamin D and Calcium are proven to help.

Supplementation After Surgery


A little-known fact about the question ‘Does vitamin D help with weight loss?’ is that after bariatric surgery, patients are often prescribed a high dose of Vitamin D. This not only is useful because of the Vitamin D deficiency, but it also helps reverse Obesity and promote weight loss.

This supplementation is also useful because Vitamin D is known to boost the immune system and fight illness while having a caloric deficit. Adding Vitamin D is a guaranteed way to help boost weight loss and stay healthy while under a caloric deficit.

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