Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis for Weight Loss Beginners

Gastric band surgery and gastric band surgery hypnosis are seeing increasing popularity as procedures that can help someone lose plenty of extra weight. How do they differ, and which one might be your the best option to maximize your weight loss efforts?

What Is a Gastric Band?

The gastric band is an adjustable silicon device that is used in gastric band surgery. It is used to create a tiny pouch when placed around the upper part of the stomach. This device and the process it is used for limits the amount of food that the stomach can store. Due to the restriction in space for consumed food, it makes it hard to eat in large amounts.

The main purpose of using a gastric band or gastric banding is to significantly reduce the amount of food a person eats. Since there is only a small space for food storage, it makes a person eat very little by making the person feel full on just a small amount of food.

Gastric Band Surgery vs. Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis

Gastric band surgery is the process of putting the gastric band to tie around a part of the stomach. It is usually the last resort for people who have tried other methods for weight loss but have yet to experience real effects.

Like with other surgeries, a gastric band procedure can come with several risks and side effects. It also poses potential complications. Common side effects of gastric band surgery often include regurgitation and nausea. There are also cases when people who have undergone the surgery aren’t able to adjust very well with the band around their stomach. This discomfort usually leads to further surgery such as gastric band adjustment or removal.

Some people, especially those who haven’t found any effective weight loss plans that can work for them, find this gastric band surgery an “easy fix” for their problems and weight issues. However, there are certain criteria that come with undergoing a gastric band surgery.

For one, the candidate has to be healthy enough to undergo the surgery and should be able to commit to a long-term weight loss plan. This means that more effort is required of the patient post surgery; that effort to lose weight doesn’t cease with the surgery alone. It still involves a change in lifestyle, especially with diet, which is why there are usually follow-ups after the surgery.

Not all people are ready or open to such measures in order to lose weight. Some might even be afraid of the risks that come with it, especially since it’s a surgical procedure. The medical community is still researching other ways to achieve the same weight loss benefits and advantages without the risks and complications of the surgery.

A possible option is gastric band surgery hypnosis. Gastric band surgery hypnosis can help people lose weight without putting them under the knife. The procedure usually involves two branched approaches. The first one is to identify the main cause of the person’s emotional eating.

Afterwards, a therapist uses hypnosis to encourage the person to remember such circumstances. The second approach is for the hypnotherapist to do the virtual gastric band surgery. There is really no surgery happening, the therapist simply convinces you, at a subconscious level, that you have undergone the surgery.

The purpose of this approach is to let your body respond to the suggestion that a gastric band was fitted to your stomach, making you feel fuller quickly.

Disadvantages of Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis

Gastric band surgery, like most surgeries, can be rather invasive. It messes up the normal and natural makeshift of your body and for that, it comes with several risks and complications.

  • Bowel obstruction is a common side effect of undergoing a gastric band surgery. It often causes scarring in the bowel which can ultimately lead to hernia. It might not happen directly after a surgery, but in some cases, it can develop years after.


  • Venous thromboembolism is another issue with this type of surgery as it can sometimes cause blood clotting in the veins especially with obese people. These clots will not always remain as they are, but they can, in fact, sometimes break free and cause even more dangerous problems such as turning into blockages along the circulatory system.


  • Lastly, and one of the most serious risks of undergoing a surgery is infection. An incision done on the abdomen usually increases the risk for bacteria from the bowel to cause Aside from abdominal infections, this type of surgery also increases cases of infections in the bladder and kidney.

Other risks and complications in most gastric bypass surgeries include ulcers, leakage along the connection between the stomach and the bowel, scarring of the stomach, as well as some nutritional deficiencies especially in vitamin A, iron, and protein.

While there are a number of people who have successfully undergone gastric band surgery, the risks and complications of the procedure are certainly worth noting.

How Does Gastric Band Hypnosis Works?

The gastric band surgery hypnosis procedure starts off with a therapist using relaxation techniques to put you in a state of hypnosis. This leads to a relaxed state while opening your subconscious mind to suggestions. When total relaxation is achieved, a hypnotherapist uses various specialist techniques, depending on which therapist,  to begin making suggestions.

The primary suggestion being given during virtual gastric band surgery hypnosis is that a gastric band has already been fitted around your stomach.

Your mind holds an extreme power over you, and when your subconscious mind happens to accept the suggestions made, your actions will change based on what was suggested. In addition to the virtual gastric band surgery hypnosis, a suggestion will also often include your behavior and confidence to help you commit to a change in your lifestyle.

In most cases, after the procedure is done, a hypnotherapist can teach you several self-hypnosis methods or techniques to help you with the changes. It can also include some advice on educating yourself in terms of exercise and nutrition to improve your health and keep your weight loss goals on track.

Beginners Guide to Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Procedure

The first meeting you will have with the hypnotherapist will likely be the initial consultation. During this first meeting, you can discuss your purpose or goal for undergoing the procedure. It will also be your chance to talk about your previous efforts and attempts to lose weight and how or why they haven’t succeeded.

This will include your health issues, eating habits, and your general attitude when it comes to food or eating. Being honest with your therapist in this early phase will improve your chances of succeeding with your long-term goals, as your therapist will have a better idea on how to help you or whether you are fit for the procedure to begin with.

To better help your subconscious mind accept the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy, the real procedure will usually be mimicked during the entire process. It will usually incorporate the smells and sounds that come with the real gastric band surgeries inside an operating room.

Once you are in a relaxed state, the hypnotherapist will go through the step-by-step process involved with the operation by telling you what you are going through during each phase. They will walk you through the entire operation starting from the point you are put under anesthesia, to when the incisions are made, up until the stage when the gastric band is fit around your stomach and the final stitching up of your cut is completed.

The smell and the sound of the operation will help your mind accept the hypnosis better, persuading you that the surgery is actually happening to you.

In most gastric band surgery hypnosis procedures, you will be asked to go back for follow-up appointments for monitoring your virtual gastric band. It will help determine if you need an adjustment or if the process has been successful. For some people, a continued therapy session can also prove as beneficial to achieve a long-term weight loss management plan.

Can I get Gastric Band Hypnosis from Home?

You can, but the product options are slim. They vary from pure snake oil products to those backed by science. This is the best product for those who wan’t to do this at home. It is The Neuro Slimmer. Backed by quite a bit of research, it brings what a therapist can do for you to your home.

The advantages of The Neuro Slimmer program is it combines all the benefits of a therapist and boils it down to a very efficient program. Plus, the entire program is less expensive than a single session with a therapist.

If you are even remotely interested in Gastric Hypnosis, checking out The Neuro Slimmer is worth your time. You can learn all about the program by clicking here.

When to Consider Gastric Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

You can lose weight without having to starve yourself or deprive yourself, crash dieting, or even going under the knife. You are not alone in your desire to lose that extra weight that can pose serious risks to your health.

You don’t have to compromise your health, your happiness, and your self-esteem. If you haven’t had any success in any of the weight loss programs and schemes you’ve tried over the years, there is still a viable option for you. Here are the reasons when and why you should consider gastric band hypnosis for weight loss.

  • You’ve spent so much time, every week, going to the gym and exerting plenty of effort to minimal success. Some people may not be in shape to exert as much effort in the gym, and if you find yourself like one of these people, exerting too much physical effort may pose a greater risk you should avoid.
  • You’ve tried all the diet meals you can find, and most of them are not really suited to your taste. Eating low-fat food hasn’t produced results because you tend to overeat still, and it has only led you to feeling frustrated. You end up craving for the food you used to eat as a result.
  • You already tried limiting your food portions on all your meals but often end up taking extra food for snacks to satisfy your hunger or craving.
  • You have continuously lapsed during the weight loss process and you want to try a method that will potentially make a life-long impact.
  • In spite of your weight loss efforts, you have a lot to go and need to lose a lot of weight to prevent complications from obesity such as diabetes, besides improving your self-esteem.

When it comes to weight loss, the most common first advice is to try a diet and change your lifestyle which involves going out more and being more active. However, while this is fairly effective, it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes, a diet can help you lose weight, but if it as unfulfilling as it can sometimes be, there are cases when you might not be able to sustain it in the long run.

This is when the gastric band surgery hypnosis becomes a viable option. It helps boost your weight loss efforts significantly. You don’t even have to actually  go under the knife. You don’t have to starve yourself or undergo  rigorous workout routines that may pose serious health risks.

Gastric Band Hypnosis FAQs

  • Will gastric band hypnosis work for me?

One of the first questions when trying every procedure for weight loss is whether it will be effective. The real answer will never be a yes or no. The effectiveness of a weight loss therapy will vary depending on your physical condition and your dedication to the weight loss plan. The gastric band surgery hypnosis only works by changing your eating habits. It is most effective for those who want to start eating healthy, but losing more weight in the long haul will depend on how you can sustain that new habit.

  • How will I feel after the gastric band hypnosis procedure?

The main purpose of this procedure is to make your subconscious believe that you have a smaller stomach and that it only needs a little food to feel full, preventing you from eating massive amounts of it. The whole procedure should also feel relaxing. Most people who have undergone the procedure report feeling very calm after getting out of hypnosis.

Weight loss can be approached in a number of ways. Some diets and exercise regimens might work for others, but they might not for you. However, this article points out that the situation isn’t hopeless. People can now choose a solution that is not as invasive as surgery in order to lose excess weight.

One option is by undergoing gastric band surgery hypnosis. It’s safe, and it doesn’t involve all the risks associated with surgery. Still, in addition to that, a sustainable healthy diet and active lifestyle will be essential to continue with your weight loss goals to ensure lasting success and improved physical fitness and health.



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