Important Approaching Fitness Updates!

We have a few loyal readers, so I feel inclined to post to you. This is not your traditional ‘smashing’ fitness or diet article. Rather, an update.

When I started this website I set out to provide real fitness and diet advice, backed by science. I wanted to write one article a day, and interact with people on social media. The goal was to bring health and fitness into the hands of everyone.

So far, so good. We are checking off the boxes. The problem? Updates. Life kicked in.

One GREAT article a day? Not that easy to do. From my three science backed mega guides (Body Recomposition, Keto, and IF) and few other dozen articles, I ran out of time.

Some cool things we have been working on:

  1. Infographics – My design skills suck. But we still made some infographics – which are unique and great.
  2. Guest Posts – I have been asked to write on a lot of websites and I have requested to be featured on many others, submitting work.
  3. HTTPs / SSL – I made the website secure. This took me off line for nearly 48 hours. But for people who email me, I wanted this to be secure.
  4. Answering Quora Requests – I answer the questions I can when asked.

All those things are rolled out. Already done and smashing. Plus, I am trying to reply to DM’s on Twitter, Emails, and Facebook Posts. Everyone wants help. I try to give it.

Now, the important part.

What is coming:

  • Dedicated infographic section. That is right, a page to see all our infographics. So far, they are not many, and only one is ‘great’. But I want an easy way to share and copy our infographics. I will try to make infographics for posts they will fit into.


  • Infographic email. An email account to request a guest post to accompany our infographics. As in, if you have an audience you want to share an infographic with, and better yet, want a personal message from me with it, you will have a way to contact me.



  • Your Story Feature. Since ‘biggest loser’ is trade marked (I am pretty sure) and some amazing websites already exist for personal stories, I am working on implementing a ‘Your Story’ weight loss and fitness section. I am not special, many people have lost weight and become fit. Everyone who does this has advice and may want to share there story. I want to provide a platform.


  • Industry Leader / Science Round Up. This I am desperately working on. I think I am brilliant, but I know WAY smarter people. I also know other fitness bloggers with tips I would never have thought to give. I am working on features which are collaborations of multiple experts. The first one is in the planning stages, but I am looking for practical weight loss advice from some other bloggers. I am excited to see where this one goes.


Great! All caught up. Now, posting once a day is HARD! I am not giving up, but now, we are moving to a bi – weekly posting strategy. Why? I refuse to pump out 500 words on nonsense and I also refuse to let other people post here with unbacked claims. To keep this awesome, I will be trucking along. At least two articles a week. Plus more cool stuff as often as possible.


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