How long can Eggs Sit Out

If you still do not know how long eggs can sit out, I have to ask, have you ever read our articles? We covered the topic completely in our article about eggs left unrefrigerated. But if you are still lost, here I am to save the day.

How long can Eggs Sit Out


How long can Eggs Sit Out

Unrefrigerated eggs, uncooked, can last a week safely – without incident. After a week, you encounter the variables which can impact an egg. For example, if the eggs were refidgeratedat any point they will expire quickly once removed from the fridge.

These variables only come into play once you pass the once week mark. Before that, eggs still in the shell are relatively safe. After the week mark? You are better off buying new rather than risking the old you have on hand.

The effect of the type of Egg on How long can Eggs Sit Out

To know How long can Eggs Sit Out, you have a few questions standing in your way. One is what do you do if the eggs are cooked. Second, is can you bring them to lunch at work or school. The simple answer is yes – eggs can last a long time.

Scrambled last less time than hard boiled. But you already know that. What you don’t know is how long eggs last.

The major difference is cooked eggs last a week or two at most. Uncooked last up to four weeks. This all changes one you add refrigeration to the mix.

Personal Recommendations

I recommend you not let your egg salad sandwich sit out more than 8 hours. More than that and you risk getting sick. Eggs, in general, do not last long. Albeit, longer than most people expect. How long can eggs sit out is an easy answer, until they get warm and change in taste or texture. At that point, you need to pitch them and find something else to eat.


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