Mass Gainer vs. Weight Gain Supplement – Which Is Better?

Not everyone wants to lose weight. In fact, a large percentage of people need to gain weight. Either for  cosmetic reasons or health reasons, sometimes we need to put on extra weight. The marketplace is confusing. Between Mass Gainer powders, a Weight Gain Supplement or Weight Gain Pills, it is hard to know where to start.

This is where we come in. We will break down the key differences between a mass gainer and weight gain supplements. It is important to keep in mind that these products are not a substitute for protein. In many cases,  a whey protein shake may put you over the top. But if you are a hard gainer and your chicken and protein shake diet is not cutting it, we can help.

Differentiating Between a Weight Gain Supplement and Mass Gain Products

Weight gain supplement

Aside from your food intake and exercise, you might want to look for supplements that can help. It is also important to choose wisely based on factual knowledge gathered about certain types of supplements, and not on superficial knowledge. Two of the confusing terms used when choosing such supplements is the mass gainer and the weight gainer supplements.

Mass gainers are your go-to supplements for high calories which contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other necessary supplements. The main function of a mass gainer is to increase the level of calories in your body to boost muscle gain. An excellent mass gainer, which is usually used to make a shake, can provide around 300 up to as much as 1200 calories in a single serving.

The term weight gainer, on the other hand, has a broader reach and the term, mass gainer, falls below it. All of the products that are considered under the “weight gain supplement” label include high levels of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. A weight gainer is usually referred to as a bodybuilding supplement. It is most often packed in powdered forms which can provide large amounts of calories for every serving that are usually used for muscle growth and fuel recovery.

Mass gainer and weight gain supplements can be further differentiated from their features and purposes.

CriteriaMass GainerWeight Gainer
PurposeThe main purpose of a mass gainer is to make you put on massThe primary purpose of weight gain supplements is to have you put on weight
UsageIdeal for people who want to achieve leaner muscle massMainly used to refuel the body with carbohydrates to have more energy
Body TypeFor bodybuilding mass gainersIdeal to be taken by hard gainers
FiberContains high fiber content to help in digestion as mass gainers only focus on building the massThe amount of fiber which helps makes digestion more active in weight gain supplements is low since its main purpose is to help you gain weight
ExerciseA Mass gainer helps boost muscles by providing it the power which helps in lifting heavy weightsThis supplement is best used for hard gainers, and as such, they are only required to do mild exercises


Benefits of Using Mass Gainer Pills

Now that you have an idea of what a mass gainer can do for you, it is worth looking into its various benefits. Here are some of the benefits and advantages in taking mass gainer pills and supplements.

  • It gives you the required calories

There are people who struggle with bodybuilding. Luckily, mass gainers help with that by providing your body the right amount of calories it needs to boost muscle growth. A good choice of mass gainer can give you as much as 1200 calories per serving.

  • You get an abundance of fiber

Another thing that you can get from a good mass gainer is that it contains plenty of fiber. Fiber is fairly important if you want to build more muscle mass. It plays a huge role in removing and washing out the toxic wastes in your body and subsequently helps with energy absorption. Once the toxic wastes are removed from your body, your digestive system experiences improved function, and that, in turn, helps with the absorption of nutrients.

  • You get as much carbs as you need

When you are under an extensive workout regimen, you are most likely going to expend plenty if not all the energy your body is capable of using. As such, you will need to replace as much energy as you can to replace what you lose.

For a few days’ worth of working out extensively, you might still be able to get enough from stored energy, but as time goes by, this source will run low. This would be the time to consume high levels of carbs for energy, and this is acquired in abundance through mass gainers. A high carbohydrate level can also help refill the glycogen intensity of the body.

How to Choose the Best Mass Gainer Supplements

There are plenty of choices for supplements you can find in the market. And since you are going to be taking them into your body, it pays to be careful on how to choose the best mass gainer supplements. Remember that you will be using a mass gainer to gain mass and not gain weight. As such, there are certain basic facts you have to consider in choosing a mass gainer.

  • Carbs vs Protein Ratio

When choosing mass gainers, it is recommended that you select one that keeps the ratio of complex carbohydrates to protein to 3:1. Complex carbs are slow to digest. This trait helps in providing you sustained energy during workouts. Proteins in a mass gainer should be from either slow-medium or fast release protein sources such as whey proteins, calcium caseinate, and micellar casein. These kinds of protein help prevent the risk of muscle breakdown and help preserve your lean muscle mass.

  • Vital Nutrients

Exercise is not only strenuous to the body, it can also cause some metabolic stress. To relieve this issue, you have to take the necessary vitamins and minerals. A mass gainer that contains multivitamins can help boost the body’s biochemical reaction, relieving the body’s fatigue after exercise.

  • Low Added Sugar

To gain mass, you need plenty of calorie intake and that includes some added sugar. However, a good mass gainer will give you this nutrient from a clean source such as complex carbohydrates and protein, keeping the sugar to a minimum. A mass gainer that contains sugar from around six grams to 100 grams per serving would be an excellent choice.

  • Digestive Enzymes

If you want to focus on gaining mass instead of weight, you need something that perks your production of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes boost your digestive system, reducing the risk of bloating while also providing your body the fuel it needs for intensive workout regimens to gain muscle mass.

Mass Gainer and Weight Gain Supplement Usage: FAQs

Using a mass gainer or a weight gain supplement is fairly easy and is, more often than not, a straightforward process. But, here are some of the questions and answers on using such bodybuilding supplements and powders.

  • When should I take mass gainers?

Mass gainers are recommended to be taken along with breakfast to provide adequate energy throughout the day. Since it is high in proteins and carbs, it can also make an excellent recovery drink. Moreover, it can also be taken in between your meals to support a high calorie diet as well as maintain the positive nitrogen balance of your body.

  • How should I take mass gainers?

Mass gainers are usually packaged in a powdered form. You can mix it with any liquid that you prefer but it is best combined with milk or water. The shakes can’t be dissolved in liquid easily when simply using a spoon, so a blender or shaker is ideal to create the shake.

  • How many scoops should I take every day?

The number of scoops you need for a mass gainer or a weight gain supplement that you should take every day will most likely depend on your nutritional targets as well as the nutritional value of the supplement or powder you are using. You can check the calorie content of your mass gainer or weight gainer and tailor it to fit your everyday target.

However, generally, people use either one or two scoops of powder for their shakes in one serving. Using more than that can usually make the shake too lumpy or too thick and would make it too hard to drink and swallow.

  • How many shakes can I take every day?

Similar to how many scoops you should take, the number of shakes you should take every day will depend on your daily calorie target. Try tracking everything that you eat and drink in a day and tailor how many shakes you need based on how many calories are left on your daily goal.

  • Can I take mass gainers without working out?

Whether you want to work out while taking mass gainers or not will mainly depend on you. However, you have to remember that a mass gainer’s primary purpose is to build your muscle mass, and as such, can only be achieved along with a workout regimen.

Gaining weight is becoming a normal trend nowadays. Whether you choose to have a mass gainer or weight gainer supplements, it is important to consider the overall benefits and effects. Weight gain supplements can affect the outcome or yield a better result. So, you still need to be informed of the things to keep in mind when deciding to undergo the process. Because just like losing weight, it takes determination and patience to achieve your desired result. Now, the decision lies to you.


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