The Three Best Drinks for Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging, but a few simple tricks can make all the difference. Just like the Hippocratic Oath (The Oath a Doctor takes – to do no harm), you must first aim to not hinder your weight loss. It is better to know what to not drink, than the best drinks, for weight loss. Before we get to the The Three Best Drinks for Weight Loss, let’s go over the three worst drinks for weight loss.

The Three WORST Drinks for Weight Loss


Alcohol is bad for your diet. Directly because it contains calories your body has no nutritional value for. The next issue is Alcohol prevents your liver from making proper glucose. Alcohol also can cause your blood sugar to drop. The combination can make you crave sweets and prevent proper recovery from exercise. Neither are good when dieting.

Soda / Pop

Soda is full of empty calories. The worst part is it is so ingrained in society that drinking a several hundred-calorie sodas from a fast food chain is normal. This is a straightforward way to ruin a diet. Diet soda is just as bad. Diet soda makes you want to eat more food, since it causes your brain to crave sweets. Lastly, the High Fructose Corn Syrup in regular soda is not processed properly by your body, making it crave more sugar as well. All in all, soda is an invitation for temptation.

Health Drinks – Smoothies and Juice

You think your designer smoothie is going to help you lose weight? Think again. My favorite large smoothie I get at the mail contains 1,000 calories. It contains some ice, milk, yogurt, a banana and some strawberries. It does taste great, but it does not fill me up and I end up wanting to go ahead and eat an entire meal. The yogurt product and milk put into the smoothie also is not exactly healthy.

Then you have juice. V8, Diet, Immune System Activating, Power Aid, everything. If you can think of a juice, I am talking to you. Juice contains a lot of calories. You also do not get the satiety of eating the actual fruit or vegetable. Most juice will also contain extra sugar to make it sweet. Although this is the least bad option out of the avoid list, the fact is when trying to lose weight these calories you cannot chew are directly getting in your way.

What Should I drink for weight loss?

Three drinks stand out above all to help you lose weight. They stand out because out of every other drink, they first cause no harm. Second, they can help weight loss. And third, these are always an option when not at home. This helps you stick with a diet. Here are the three best drinks for weight loss.


High quality h20 makes another appearance on this website. Why? I cannot say it enough. Water helps prevent hunger, increase metabolism, ensure property bodily function and prevent water retention. You could not possibly create a better beverage to help weight loss.

My personal favorite part of water is you can easily customize water to fit your needs. Want a different flavor? Add lemon, or lime, or mint for very little calories and big taste. Need electrolytes from being dehydrated? Add salt or electrolyte powder with little negative taste. Too sleepy to keep up for the day? Add caffeine to your water. You can doctor up water to fit your needs and not add extra calories to your diet. Plus, everywhere you go will have water to drink.

Black Coffee

black coffee

Not your expresso. Not your Frappuccino. You would be amazed the packed in calories. Those types of drinks belong on the worst drink list. Black Coffee, on the other hand, is excellent. The caffeine is an excellent pick me up and help burn more calories. It also is a pre-workout secret weapon. Two cups of coffee is an excellent way to super charge your diet.

Plus, you can get coffee anywhere. Every corner has a coffee shop. Even in places that do not have decent quality or clean water, boiling water to make coffee will kill the bacteria. Plus, water all day and every day will get boring.

Green Tea (Or Regular Tea)

green tea

Green Tea is full of antioxidants and provides a host of health benefits. Coming in at about zero calories, you cannot get a lower calories drink. It also is full of caffeine which helps act as a metabolism booster and keeps you humming all day. One of the largest issues of long term dieting is fatigue, and Green Tea fits the bill.

You can even go with other tea varieties to mix it up. Other Tea Varieties will often have caffeine, but less antioxidants. Just make sure the Tea you drink has no added sugar or sweeteners – as those will pack on calories.

Tea also can be spiced up. From adding lemon or mint to adding some sugar substitute, you can make Green Tea something different to keep you from getting bored of drinking just water. A drink that helps you lose weight is hard to come by. One that is good for you too? You should be drinking it right now.

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