The Ultimate Guide on Rice for Weight Loss

White, Brown, or Jasmine? It all becomes so confusing. The worlds most common grain has a lot going against it. High Gi (Which means it is the opposite of our suggested low gi vegetables), calorie dense, and in most common variants is void of nutritional value. That is not the full story behind Rice for Weight Loss.

Rice weight loss is entirely possible. Is rice good for weight loss? That depends on your rice. It comes in a large variety of forms, grains, and colors. From various corners of the globe. To get the most out of rice for weight loss, you must know the difference between the common forms of the grain.

Can you Eat Rice for Weight Loss?

rice for weight loss

Absolutely. As long as it is the right type. The common form of rice you get at the take out place is not exactly the idea. White Rice is the same exact thing as Brown Rice. Or rather, it was. All rice starts as Brown Rice. When it is harvested, brown rice is first husked. After the husk is removed, the bran is removed to extend the shelf life. When this is all completed, you are left with the standard white variety.

Is white rice a good diet food?

It has some down sides when freshly preserved. The biggest down side is the harvesting process strips the grain of nutrition. Part of what is removed includes Fiber, VItamins, and Minerals. White Rice is then pumped full of vitamins to try to add flavor and make it healthy. The final step is to shine it by polishing the grain to make it appear more appealing.

White rice is a bad food when trying to lose weight. The issue is that even after it is pumped full of nutrients and minerals, the white variant is still void of normal electrolytes and fiber. These are two of the main benefits of brown rice which vanish once harvested into white rice.

The final nail in the white rice coffin is that all brands of white rice vary. Brand A may have vitamins added; Brand B may not. While Brand C has sugar added. Most take out restaurants purchase white rice rich in sugar to make it taste better to a western pallet. If you try to track calories from white rice at a restaurant, I can guarantee you are underestimating, because your calorie calculator does not include the added sugar which some manufacturers use. If you still need to ask, “Is White Rice bad for weight loss,” reread this section.

Is Rice Good for a Diet?

chicken and rice diet

The million dollar question, is rice good for weight loss?  No. Not because it is unhealthy. The answer is because not all rice is created equal. It can be good for weight loss when it comes in the right variety. We already know the white variety is stripped of nutritional value and in general not good for you. What about brown rice?

Brown rice is mediocre for weight loss. For your daily diet, it is not bad. Brown Rice has vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Plus, a there are many health benefits of brown rice. Although not the slowest digesting fiber, it will keep you full longer than most vegetables and full longer than most other foods in your diet.

This is why brown rice is a staple in most diets. Rich in nutrients, minerals, and fiber. Moderately slow digesting carbohydrate, and a low GI impact compared to some carbohydrates. All in all, it is a solid choice when compared to other carbohydrate options.

The Chicken and Brown Rice Diet

chicken and brown rice diet

I am sure you have heard of the Chicken and Rice Diet. It is synonymous with the body building and fitness community. When you think of body building, you think of a man going to the gym and eating pre packaged meals of chicken out of a Tupperware container.

THis approach is not all that bad for you. The problem is white rice will leave you hungry quickly. Even if you plan to eat every couple hours and eat six meals a day, white rice is boring and missing essential nutritional value. Chicken and brown rice is a different story. The chicken and brown rice diet will keep you satisfied, provide essential vitamins and nutrients as well as electrolytes.

The best part of the brown rice and chicken diet is what you can do with it. One of the biggest problems with a diet is they are hard to stick to. Chicken and rice is versatile. I suggest sticking with chicken breasts and brown rice exclusively to get the leanest cut of meat and the most nutritional benefit from the grain. This is the best way to use the chicken and rice diet to lose weight.

Improving The Chicken and Rice Diet Plan

You can easily doctor up chicken and rice with a variety of spices and seasoning to add minimal calories and a ton of flavor. Add in some lemon pepper to chicken and rice, and you suddenly have a tasty new dish. A couple of tomotoes and you have an entirely new flavor profile. Just a couple tweaks to chicken and brown rice and you have a new meal for every day of the week.

The chicken and rice diet plan is successful if you learn to make it enjoyable. This is the main strength of the chicken and rice diet; you can add spice to make it different. Brown Rice and Chicken can be bland. Thyme, vegetables, calories free or low-calorie sauce such as soy sauce all add a lot of flavors. You can marinate chicken or cook it differently to change the flavor vastly.

The biggest strength of this diet plan is that you can make it work. Brown rice and chicken also reheat well. The final benefit is the ease to cook. In a crock pot together, in a rice cooker, or merely in a boiling pot. You do not need to be a good cook to make chicken and rice. The fact rice is cheap, and you have a winning combination for any dieter.

Getting the Most out of Your Protein Shake

Protein powder is everywhere. Whey, Casein, Isolate and so on. You can find a dozen varieties at your favorite grocery store and hundreds of options on every website. The biggest problem with choice is when you have so many options, they all start to look the same. Rice Protein is a hidden gem when it comes to protein shakes.

As you should know from our guide on protein and amino acids, there are not many options for a plant based complete protein source. That does not mean plant protein does not have a place in your fitness and weight loss protocol. As we discuss in the guide to Body Recomposition, to gain muscle or to recmp you need a lot of protein. Eating hundreds of grams of chicken gets old after a while.

Rice protein powder is an excellent source of protein. Some health ‘experts’ have funded studies which argue that Rice Protein is as good as other protein sources such as egg. These studies also have been performed in conjunction with experts in universities, such as the University of Tampa.

Rice does not have all the essential amino acids, but it still is an excellent source of protein. Rice Protein has an earthy texture and tends to be gritty when used in a significant amount. A single scoop of rice protein added to a shake will give your shake a thick texture and keep you full for longer than just regular protein powder. This is the biggest benefit, the added natural fiber.

For specialty protein powders I always suggest True Nutrition. True Nutrition has been good to me over the years and provides specialty protein powder at a discounted rate. When you order protein you get exactly what you pay for. If you order a pound, you get a pound of protein plus what flavor and enhancements you add to your mix. If you buy Rice Protein Poweder from True Nutrition, use coupon APPROACHINGFITNESS to save 5% off your total. A special gift from me and True Nutrition to you. (This is an affiliate coupon).

The Secret Sweetener: Brown Rice Syrup

There is a secret weapon for your sugar cravings. Rice Syrup. Rice can be surprisingly sweet, and some brilliant people have created rice syrup. In general, you want to stick with brown rice and brown rice syrup. When cooking with brown rice syrup, you substitute 1 1/4 cup of rice syrup for each cup of sugar. You then reduce the amount of liquid added to a quarter cup.

The sweetness will be about the same. Rice syrup has a lower GI rating than sugar and nearly every other sweetener. This allows a slower digestion and lowers spike in insulin levels, which is ideal for weight loss. Adding brown rice syrup will add an earthy texture to your cooking and add vitamins and minerals to what you are making.

Adding in the fiber will also help you stay satisfied longer than your average baked goods would. You can substitute brown rice syrup into nearly any recipe as a natural replacement for sugar. It is the sweetness you want, with added health benefits and a superior reaction in your body.

Is rice good for losing weight?

It can be. To maintain your weight, it provides essential vitamins and minerals in the brown variety. You can use Rice for Weight Loss if you use the right form. Brown rice is always the best option. Full of nutrients and health benefits.

With a twist to your protein powder recipe, you can easily add some texture and nutrition to your shake. Don’t forget Brown Rice Syrup to replace horrible artificial sweeteners. You can find a perfect place in your diet for the worlds more common grain. Learn to use Rice for Weight Loss. It can be a great addition to your diet.

Find all the resources used in this article and the scientific basis of all our article at The Science Behind Fitness.



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