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Using Essential Oils for Fat Loss


I know, I know, Essential Oils. Most hard-core fitness experts will say that Essential Oils are either pseudo-science or a miracle. Most scientists will say that Essential Oils are without a doubt pseudo-science or snake oil.  I am even willing to agree. I have seen zero science to say they work as advertised.

Are We Looking at the Right Oils?

This is the crux of my argument that Essential Oils may help with weight loss. We do have some science to support Essential Oils. The problem is we are not using science to study the right claims. Do any scientific research support claims that Essential Oils can cure cancer? No. Do any scientific research support claims that Essential Oils can make you lucky? No. But if we look at what we do know about scents, we can find a use for Essential Oils.

The Scent of Fat Loss

Some scents are proven to help with weight loss. For example, people who smell Green Apples before eating desert are proven to crave less sweet deserts. People who smell Bananas before a meal are proven to eat less during the meal. This is known as Sensory Specific Satiety. These scents are proven by the University of Chicago to help curb appetite.

Lemon is controversial as the Essential Oil variant has a large plethora of claims. Alas, we do have some science to support lemon as an Essential Oil. Lemon is proven to improve mood and help improve will power, according to Ohio State University. For weight loss, it can be a whiff of mental power to fight against cravings and mental weakness.

Peppermint is another Essential Oil which has lofty claims, from curing Migraines to helping spur growth. But we do have a more realistic scientific use. The scent of Peppermint is proven to act as a natural appetite suppressant. The scent has also been linked to increasing athletic performance.

The Verdict on Essential Oils

The science does not yet support the claims of Essential Oils. The science may never support the claims of Essential Oils. But those of us keen on the research know that scent can play a role in weight loss. Specific scents can help you fight temptation, stop your sweet cravings and even improve athletic performance.

At the end of the day, this is proven to work. Unlike most supplements you buy at the grocery store which is not FDA cleared and has no science to support, Essential Oils contain the extract of scents which are proven to directly aid weight loss. That is enough to give a second look at Using Essential Oils for Fat Loss.

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