When Weight Weight Loss is Not Healthy

Time for a personal story of When Weight Weight Loss is Not Healthy. My story will take some interesting turns, and is not what you expect out of this type of article. This is a real story which has just unfolded for me recently. My family does not even know this story yet. My Doctor, my father, and my fiancee know this story as of now. Everything I am about to share is entirely accurate.

When Weight Loss is Not Healthy

Just over two weeks ago I started to get chest pain. Not just an ache, or a wheeze. I felt a strong pain in my heart and a crushing pain in my chest. It slowly turned into a crushing feeling in my chest which spread up my neck and into my jaw. All the classic signs of a heart attack. I had no pain in my arm, and the pain was sharp. This pain lasted the first day for twelve hours. The next day, it would last six hours. I ruled out a heart attack. I knew it was not a heart attack. But I also knew this was not good. Any medical professional will know this sounds like a heart attack or angina. Not exactly something you want to have.

The next day, it would last six hours. I ruled out a heart attack. I knew it was not a heart attack. But I also knew this was not good. Any medical professional will know this sounds like a heart attack or angina. Not exactly something you want to have.

After two days of this pain, I called an old friend from my boxing days, a doctor. I will not disclose his name, for confidentiality reasons. He knows my medical history and has a knack for weird cases like this. After a few minutes, he told me the pain should go away in some time and was not a heart attack. But to stop cardiovascular exercise and dieting until the pain went away. He also advised I went to my general practitioner as soon as possible and if the pain got any worse, or spread past my chest to go to the emergency room.

Of course, I did not listen. I did some light exercise, but I did stop dieting entirely. For roughly two weeks I ate whatever I wanted and did not exercise. A lot of bed rest and very little activity. The pain would come and go, but never as bad as the first day. I decided to not go to my doctor. I figured the pain would go away. I was wrong.

Follow the Advice of a Medical Doctor

I know a lot of the heart. My mother had heart failure and died when I was young. My grandmother had scarlet fever as a child and had a lifetime of heart issues. My cousin had to give up a professional sports career due to heart problems, and my uncle passed away from heart failure. I was always concerned about my own heart and had it tested regularly. My heart is healthy, but I knew if it was not a heart attack, not much could be done.

I already have a healthy diet. I already exercise. I thought my options were medication and to give up my fitness lifestyle.

I eventually went to my doctor because the pain did not go away. Six days ago the pain crept up my chest and reached my jaw. It felt as if I spent the afternoon getting punched in the jaw while clenching my teeth. My entire neck was sore.

These were all the signs of not getting enough blood flow to my chest and head. My professional opinion was I was in trouble.

I finally got into the doctor on Friday. It turns out the prognosis was better than expected. I have Acute Pericarditis or a heart virus. Take some over the counter anti inflammatory medication, and the virus will clear up.

No Happy Ending

I spent over two weeks not dieting. No cardio, and in pain the vast majority of the time. I also had some depression mixed in because I couldn’t do anything.

I gained some weight these two weeks. I went from Intermittent Fasting and counting calories to eating Oreos and watching television. I still have some pain, but it is going away little by little.

These two weeks were scary. My biggest regret is not going to the doctor sooner. I was afraid to see the doctor for two reasons. One is I did not want a serious issue on my medical record for insurance cost in the future. Two is I did not want to face my mortality.

Living a healthy lifestyle is all I am about now. It is why I have this website. I want to live a long life to have a family. Not going to see a medical professional as soon as the problem occurred was stupid. I learned my lesson, and I hope you learn from my mistake.

When Weight Loss is Not Healthy

Although I did some things wrong, I still stopped dieting and exercising. If I kept it up, I could have had heart failure or a heart attack. Exercising could have killed me.

This is not a story about going to get your heart checked out. It is a personal story I am sharing because you need to realize that weight loss is not always the healthy option. Just because you want to be thinner does not mean being thinner is healthy.

Health comes first. Weight Loss and Fitness is second. I firmly believe that how you look should come second to how healthy you are.

Always Seek Medical Advice

No matter what issue you have, see your Doctor. I mean it. Even if you have muscle that is sore for more than 48 hours, see your doctor. Health is more important than fitness. Getting fit is about being healthy. Not the other way around.

This is my Public Service Announcement for everyone on the same journey as I am. This includes those who are bulimic or have any other eating disorder. Seek out the advice of a professional.

Getting in shape or losing weight is just a side effect of being healthy. It is not the end goal. You should lose weight or get fit to avoid health issues.

Having a six pack is worthless if you die before you reach 30 or are in daily pain. Remember that. It is never worth your health to just look better. No matter your reason.

Final Thought

All the advice and knowledge I share on Approaching Fitness is the same as any other website. Even sites ran by medical professionals or websites which are backed by medical organizations.

The Internet Dr. is not your Doctor. He or she does not know your medical history. Most likely the advice they are giving is not even based on the most recent medical research. Most likely it is based on what they learned years ago in Medical School and what little they have studied to get recertified.

The only person who knows how you feel is you. The only medical professional who can give you accurate medical advice is your GP (General Practitioner).

You must follow common sense. It is not worth losing weight if it means you will not live to enjoy it.

Losing weight and getting fit is important. But being healthy is more important.


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